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Micah W. Lee is the Owner/Operator/Creator of Micah Lee Productions.
He is narrator, producer and editor of high quality audio at MLP.

Micah Lee is a talented narrator and producer.

He first realized his love of narration while reading children's books to captivated audiences. He now focuses on non-fiction, history, and information type books, but is willing to produce quality narration and voice over of all types for his clients.

Micah narrates, produces, and edits in his private studio for Micah Lee Productions. He appreciates clean, quality sound and so strives to deliver the same for his clients, concentrating on appropriate articulation, timing, and delivery.

Micah believes that editing is a very important part of the production process and strives to create an exceptional listening experience to the end user.

His narration is versatile with a wide repertoire of voicing and inflection and likes to experiment with new styles. Being born and raised in South Louisiana, Micah brings with him his natural southern inflection with the ability to include several regional dialects as well as a general American accent. He is adept at some foreign accents as well.  He is open to instruction on particular voice types for specific characters.

Recent Audiobook Titles by Micah Lee:

The Pilgrim Chronicles (written by Rod Gragg, Published by Regnery Publishing)
The Way to Pentecost (written by Samuel Chadwick, Published by Heritage of Truth)
The Call to Christian Perfection (written by Samuel Chadwick, Published by Heritage of Truth)
The Path of Prayer (written by Samuel Chadwick, Published by Heritage of Truth)
Uprising (written by Meredith I. Anderson)
A Different Kind of Courage (written by Sarah Holman)
Travel on Southern Antebellum Railroads, 1828-1860 (written by Eugene Alvarez)
Bushwhackers: Guerrilla Warfare, Manhood, and the Household in Civil War Missouri (written by Joseph M. Beilein Jr.) --Now available at Audible, Amazon, iTunes, etc.--

Coming Soon:

Christ in the Camp (written by J. William Jones, Published by Heritage of Truth)
Sketches of Jewish Social Life (written by Alfred Edersheim, Published by Open Vision Media)

Thank you for your interest in Micah Lee Productions

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